Cash/Change Order Form

The Cash/Change Order Form function lets you request paper currency and/or coins.

To display the Cash/Change Order Form screen:

         Rest the cursor on the Online Services option and click Cash/Change Order Form. The Cash/Change Order Form screen appears.

1.   The upper section of the form identifies the person the financial institution a bank, thrift, or credit union should contact if they have any questions regarding the request. Review the Contact Name, Company Name, Contact Phone and E-mail Address, you may change them if necessary.

2.   Select an account from the Account drop-down list. This account will be debited for the amount of cash requested (Grand Total).

3.   Fill in the desired number or units for each type of paper currency and coin. The Total fields and Grand Total field are updated automatically to show the dollar value of the requested cash.

4.   Click the Submit button. A dialog box appears with a recap of the information to be sent to the financial institution; click OK to submit the request or click Cancel to return to the Cash/Change Order Form screen.