Date Selection

The date range for a query can be based either on a particular transaction log (one week) or on a range of dates that spans one or more log files. Usually, the current transaction log and the logs from the prior four weeks are available for query.

The current week log refers to transactions occurring from midnight on the most recent Monday to 11.59pm the following Sunday. Example, a "current week" log would run from midnight on 10 Sep 2001 through 11.59pm on 16 Sep 2001.

Date information is displayed in the Date Selection area in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

There are two ways to set the date range for a report: you can either choose a single existing log for the data source, or you can specify a range of dates and the system will pull data from all appropriate log files.

Using an existing log file:

·         Choose a log file from the Search Prior Week’s Log drop-down list.

Using a range of dates:

·         Enter a start date in the From field and a finish date in the To field. These dates can span multiple log file periods.

Note: You may specify only dates that fall within the range shown as Available Files (displayed at the bottom of the Date Selection area).